Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall is Coming

Fall 2013 Must Haves

Fall 2013 Must Haves by tisuh featuring a leather jacket

It's almost my one-year anniversary here in la-la land (a month away, to be exact). Which means, among other things, that it's almost fall. So many things have changed since. But not among them, is my tendency to succumb to frivolous spending. It doesn't help that I finally have a full time job. Cue applause. It is now almost impossible for a week to end without a new purchase. Now, to keep me from doing some unnecessary shopping, I listed down the things I want/need for Fall 2013. Here goes:

  1. Eleanor and Park - I know I swore off YAs after this year's first few months, but I want to get Eleanor and Park anyway. Because (1) a good friend of mine whose literary taste I absolutely trust can't stop raving about it (ahem, KJ), and because (2) John Green absolutely sold me Eleanor and Park here.  Update: Bought and read. Deserves an entire post.
  2. Urban Decay Naked 2 - If you know me, then you very well know that I wouldn't get off my big ass to do something about my face. And if there's anything I suck at big time, it's putting eye shadows. But I'm reeaaally trying this time. And I've read a lot of good Naked 2 reviews.
  3. Michael Kors Bedford - The bad thing about working for Michael Kors is that you most likely will spend your entire paycheck on Michael Kors. But I promised myself that I wouldn't go savage on MK merchandise, and practice a vital human trait: some self control. So far, I've only gotten myself a watch. And in a week or two - this pretty Bedford in black. Yay. Update: Bought, and used daily. 
  4. Leather Jacket - I have a serious BLJ problem, I know. But I need a decent black leather/moto jacket as my others seem to be a little too worn out.
  5. Sweaters - One of the things I love most about Fall is that I get to cozy up in a nice sweater, preferably cashmere. I have a few oversized sweaters in my closet but I could definitely use some more. One does not simply have a few sweaters. 
  6. Ankle booties - I just can't have enough booties. Looking for the perfect camel ones. 
  7. Nude Scarf - I'm pretty bad at wearing my scarves nicely. This from someone who used to wear scarves in sunny Philippines. But I think the perfect nude scarf would go well with just about anything. 
  8. Anorak - Just because. One of my workmates has one from Zara, with leather sleeves! It's a beaut. But she got it from Belgium, 1 or 2 autumns ago, so the possibility of finding one here is well, just about zilch. I want one anyway. Update: Got a Talulah anorak which I love, and wear everywhere no matter the weather.
  9. Marc Jacobs watch - I am reserving my gold watch for a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, that's why I got a rose gold one from Michael Kors. This in particular, with the pretty pink face. But MK will release Blake this fall too, if they haven't already released it. This one has the same simple style, but has a blue face instead. I'm a little torn between the two.
  10. Graphic tees - I know, I know. It's weird to be wanting tees and muscle tanks for fall, especially when I don't look good on them. But they would totally look nice with an anorak. Hee 
Now, if I can only remember to stick to this list, not to stray into stores I'm not supposed to be in, and not to burn my credit cards from friction. 

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