Friday, December 20, 2013

Here we are, almost at year’s end, generally accepted as an occasion for a timely introspection, and words evade me.

This year without a doubt, as all my previous years, is laden with countless woes. I am sure even before the year actually ends, that this year, mistakes pile up with things I should’ve done but never did. But surprisingly, I am sort of okay with it. Perhaps I now have gone beyond regretting my mistakes, regretting the chances I let slip because I was too lazy to get up from bed, or because my eyes were rendered too woozy by weeping that I could not see. I am done regretting not having lived because I was busy looking behind. Because if there is one thing about turning the page and entering into the new year, it’s that the past year, has passed (more accurately: is yet to pass). I have no regrets, as I say this I find a voice inside me that is not mine. And to this voice I say, hello.

Hello 2014, nice to meet you.

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